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Email Search Service

Not everybody wants to share their email address with the world. However, many people want to be able to contact someone from their past that they may have lost touch with. This has certainly happened to me and I am grateful to those of you who have hooked me up with lost friends.

This capability is also useful to those of you that are new to the internet and are looking for family or friends here.

In an effort to provide a service that we thought would be useful to visitors, we have reached the following compromise in the interest of balancing service and security:

We provide the following list of people that have registered with our site. If you want to contact one of them, we will take your brief message and relay it to them along with your email address. That way, the person you want to contact knows that you would like to reach them and they can email you at the address you provide if they agree to contact you. In short, sends a message on your behalf. The recipient can respond at their discretion. You have the potential of contacting a long lost friend. That friend retains the right to their privacy if they don't want to share their email address.

You are welcome to register your contact information at this site so others can find you.